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‘Tamkeen award, a great recognition’

Two Bahraini women successful entrepreneurs, who were among the recipients of this year’s Bahrain Award for Entrepreneurship, have termed the award a great recognition in their entrepreneurial journey. Speaking to Tribune, Nahla Al Mahmood, who owns LalaBella Events, said this recognition will itself open new business opportunities. Ms Nahla won the award for the best ‘SME of the Year’. “The award will give us great credibility when showcasing our products and services to our customers of individuals and corporates,” she said. When asked about next milestone, Ms Nahla said: “We have big plans for the future. Apart from going for an expansion in the Kingdom, we are currently in the process of studying our next big market.

We are also planning many new social and environmental projects. “We want to prove that LalaBella is not just a retail store created with an intention to earn profits, but an entrepreneurial venture aimed at serving communities.” She said entrepreneurship is only meant for those who can face and overcome challenges. “I believe no entrepreneur was ever handed over success on a golden platter. They need determination and commitment to sustain their businesses and continue their rewarding journey.” Shaikha Latifa Mohammed Al Khalifa, Founder of Clever Play, who won the award for the best female entrepreneur of the year, said the award will serve an impetus in her entrepreneurial journey. “The award inspires me to surge ahead despite facing constant challenges.

Tamkeen’s far-reaching scope of influence offers us visibility, exposure and networking, which translates into critical support that will help towards building the infrastructures we need to further scale our services and partnerships.” On future plans, she said Clever Play aims to reach more children. “We want to help bridge the digital divide between technologically-advanced communities and those who are disadvantaged and don’t have access to STEM or digital education. We want every child to have access to STEM education.”