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Attorney fined BD50 for not showing up in court

The First High Criminal has fined a defense attorney BD50 for not showing up for two hearings of a case that involves a “family of burglars”, who is accused of stealing more than BD50,000 worth of gold from different houses in Zinj area in the Capital Governorate. The court has ordered to adjourn the case to July 24, 2019.

Tribune reported earlier this year that a Bahraini man, the first defendant, had allegedly recruited his close relatives, including his sister, to form a family gang specialized in the theft of jewelry from several homes. This came to light after several thefts, in similar patterns, were reported to Nabeeh Saleh Police within a short period of time.

Most cases took place in Zinj and the surrounding areas, where gold worth more than BD50,000 was stolen from a number of houses. Additionally, an Indian expat lodged a complaint at the same police station, informing that he was stopped and mugged by two masked men in Zinj.

The man told the police that the muggers held a knife to his neck before they robbed BD250, bank cards and a watch worth BD200 from him. Police intensified its investigations, which led to the first defendant, who was later proven to be the mastermind behind the robberies and has a criminal record of theft and drug abuse.

Further investigations led to the remaining members of the gang. The first defendant allegedly formed the gang, which included his brother and sister, in addition to two other relatives.

They followed the same pattern in their burglaries, where the first and second defendants (brothers) would break into homes, while one of the relatives (third defendant) would keep a watch outside the house. 

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