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Bahrain attends ILO centenary meeting

Bahrain’s participation is premised on the Kingdom’s keenness on collaborating with the international community in drafting the policies and orientations of the ILO discussed during the meeting. Bahrain is also keen on supporting labour causes and on discussing the development of employment and the quality of renewable professions, in light of the rapid changes in the labor markets across the world.

The Kingdom is also interested in the developments of social protection systems globally and the prospects of tripartite dialogue between the parties of production. Bahrain is also keen on identifying the challenges facing the labor markets and on solutions to the difficulties in the development and production process, thus contributing to the development of developing labor markets through providing the necessary technical support.

At its annual conference that marks its 100th anniversary, the ILO is seeking to understand what tomorrow’s jobs will look like and the ways to protect workers from violence and harassment.  In January, the ILO urged governments, employers and unions to deliver a “human-cent red” agenda for decent work in the coming years based on investing in people’s capabilities, places of employment and decent and sustainable jobs.

The report authors warned that the world of work faces “unprecedented transformational change” driven by new technologies such as artificial intelligence, automation and robotics as well as climate change, migration and globalisation.

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