Sand sale boosts state coffers | THE DAILY TRIBUNE | KINGDOM OF BAHRAIN

Sand sale boosts state coffers

Bahrain’s government has pumped over BD 2 million into the state’s coffers by selling sand in the past year, it was revealed. Thanks to the abundant national resource, the sand sale has injected 2,216,566 dinars into Bahrain’s revenue stream in the year 2018. Sales were mostly to companies in the construction business.

The details were revealed by the Minister of Works, Municipalities Affairs and Urban Planning Essam Khalaf in a written response to the Parliament. According to the Minister, the government has licensed 12 companies for sand extraction. Nine local companies are extracting sand from East Hidd, while three foreign companies are working from the northeast of Bahrain.

The minister also confirmed that the licenses were awarded after applying strict measures to ensure environmental safety. “The environment was given a high level of importance before approving any areas for dredging,” the minister said adding: “Sand is a natural resource that we use wisely.” “By charging 500 fills per cubic meter, we are making a good profit.” “However, protecting the environment and marine resources is a priority and hence we are careful,” he said.  

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