Ex-employee ordered to pay Education Ministry BD6,240 | THE DAILY TRIBUNE | KINGDOM OF BAHRAIN

Ex-employee ordered to pay Education Ministry BD6,240

The High Administrative Court has ordered a Bahraini woman to pay BD6, 240 after failing to fulfil an agreement she struck with the Ministry of Education to enrol for an academic course at Bahrain Training Institute (BTI). The Bahraini woman was serving in the Ministry of Education, which sponsored her study at BTI. However, she didn’t complete the course and she resigned from the ministry, causing it significant losses as the agreement stipulates her to work in the ministry for the same period she takes to complete the course.

She neither served the ministry the required years nor did she successfully finish the course, according to prosecutors. Therefore, she was taken to court to settle the amount the ministry had paid to BTI for her course. In its ruling, the High Administrative Court confirmed that the employee didn’t meet the agreement terms; therefore she has to compensate the Ministry of Education. The latter had urged, in its complaint, the court to seize the woman’s bank account in order to settle the amount. However, the Court declined such a request, explaining that there was no concern over the woman leaving the country or spending the money without paying the compensation amount.