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Emergency exit proposal for buildings approved

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The Southern Municipal Council unanimously approved a proposal to install external fire escapes in the housing buildings which are located in Block 939 in East Riffa, during its 20th and final meeting of the second session.

The buildings encompass apartments which are dedicated as housing units for citizens.

The proposal, submitted by Council Member Mohammed Draj, aims to comply with building regulations and enhance safety measures for residents.

Draj argued that external fire escapes facilitate swift evacuation in case of emergencies, minimizing risks and potential loss of life.

He emphasised that internal emergency exits may not be sufficient and could pose obstacles during power outages or dense smoke conditions, as witnessed in the unfortunate Al Lawzi incident.

“The proposal stemmed from residents’ requests and the critical need to reassess safety and security requirements in buildings, particularly multi-story structures like housing units across the Kingdom,” he stated.

The Council highlighted the importance of focusing on external emergency exits located outside the building, which can significantly improve safety and facilitate swift evacuation.