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Wheat bran price hike threatens livestock industry and food security

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A recent decision by Bahrain Flour Mills to double the price of wheat bran, a key feed for livestock and poultry, has sparked concerns about the future of the animal husbandry industry and food security in the Kingdom.

The price increase, effective June 16th, 2024, has left farmers reeling and questioning the sustainability of their operations.

MP Mohammed Yousif Al Maarafi expressed grave concerns about the impact of the price hike. He described it as a “knockout blow” to Bahrain’s food security and a potential death knell for livestock farming.

Al Maarafi highlighted the lack of prior notice or justification for the sudden price increase, particularly considering government subsidies for flour.

He emphasised the detrimental effect this will have on food prices, including meat, poultry, dairy products, and others. Al Maarafi also criticized the company’s focus on profit maximization at the expense of citizens and farmers.

He pointed out the lack of government support for livestock breeders, including veterinary services and technical assistance.

Import and sale He predicts a shift towards direct import and sale of livestock, further jeopardizing the local breeding industry.

Abdulrahman Al Mutawwa, Chairman of the Livestock Breeders and Traders Committee, echoed these concerns.

He expressed shock at the sudden price increase, announced without prior consultation or warning. He emphasised the negative impact this will have on the already struggling livestock sector, which plays a crucial role in Bahrain’s food security