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US President Biden issues sternest criticism yet of ongoing Israel-Palestine conflict

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Israeli strikes hit Gaza as Muslims marked the end of the Islamic holy month of Ramadan and after US President Joe Biden labelled Israel’s approach to the war a “mistake”.

Also yesterday, the leader of Hamas said Israel had killed three of his sons in an air strike in Gaza. Qatar-based Ismail Haniyeh said his three sons and “some of” his grandchildren had been killed in the strike.

Palestinians gathered for morning prayers yesterday, on the first day of the Eid Al Fitr holiday amid the ruins of Gaza, which has been devastated by more than six months of war since Hamas’s October 7 attacks.

Tens of thousands also flocked to Israeli-annexed east Jerusalem’s Al-Aqsa mosque compound where one worshipper, nurse Rawan Abd, said: “It’s the saddest Eid ever... you could see the sadness on people’s faces.

“Usually we come to Al-Aqsa to celebrate, this year we came just to support each other,” the 32-year-old said at Islam’s third holiest site, which is also revered by Jews as the Temple Mount.

Israeli forces kept up combat operations and air strikes on Gaza a day after Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu vowed no let-up in the campaign to destroy Hamas and bring home the hostages. Netanyahu insisted that “no force in the world” would stop Israeli troops from entering Gaza’s far-southern city of Rafah which is packed with displaced Palestinians.


His threat came amid ongoing talks in Cairo involving US, Egyptian and Qatari mediators for a truce and hostage release deal. Biden, voicing his growing frustration with hawkish Netanyahu, issued some of his sternest criticism yet of the war, which has brought mass civilian casualties and widespread suffering.

“I think what he’s doing is a mistake,” Biden told Spanish-language TV network Univision in an interview that aired Tuesday night after being recorded last week. “I don’t agree with his approach.”