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YouTuber kidnapped and killed by Iraqi father for living alone in Turkey

Agencies | Ankara

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A father in Iraq admitted to killing his daughter by drugging and strangling her in order to "wipe away the disgrace."

Taiba Alali, the victim, left her country in 2017 to begin a new life in Turkey, where she had plans to marry her fiance, a Syrian.

But her relatives abducted her when she went back to Iraq in January to see her nation's football team compete in the Arabian Gulf Cup.

According to local media, influencer Taiba was shocked when her entire family showed up after agreeing to see her mother at a friend's house in Baghdad.

According to reports, Taiba was drugged before being returned to the family home in Al-Qadisiyyah Governorate.

According to local media, when she woke up, she and her father had a heated argument.

But later, while she was sleeping, he entered her room and strangled her to death.

Local media does not identify her father, who handed himself up to authorities and admitted to killing his own daughter to "wipe away the humiliation."

Although the police are currently looking into him for murder, under Iran's criminal code, he might avoid jail time by claiming the death was a "honour killing."

According to the law, judges have the discretion to impose light punishments on those who commit murder out of "honourable reasons" or after being provoked.