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Japan crab fetches record $46,000 at auction

A Japanese bidder may be feeling the pinch after forking out $46,000 at auction for a snow crab -- a price that “probably set a new world record”, local officials said yesterday. The winter seafood delicacy is in season from this week in the western Tottori region, where the crustacean was snapped up for a final price of five million yen.

“I was surprised it went for such a high price,” local government official Shota Inamono said of the crab that weighed in at 1.2 kilogrammes (2.6 pounds) and measured 14.6 centimetres (5.7 inches) across. According to Inamoto, the price exceeded last year’s record price of two million yen, which was registered at the time in the Guinness World Records for most expensive crab.

“The crab this year beat the record price last year, so we believe this is probably the most expensive crab in the world,” he said, adding the government will consider applying for Guinness certification again. The crab was purchased by a local retailer.

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