Imam rapes 12 year old boy nine times | THE DAILY TRIBUNE | KINGDOM OF BAHRAIN

Imam rapes 12 year old boy nine times

An Asian Imam has been sentenced to five years in prison followed by deportation after being arrested for raping a 12 year old boy multiple times, according to the Ajman criminal court in the UAE.

The incident took place in a mosque located in the area of Al Jurf, Ajman, where the boy prays.

Reports reveal, upon completing Isha prayer the Imam lured the young boy to his room not far from the mosque and sexually abused him multiple times.

The incident came to light when the boy’s parents witnessed unusual behavior in him and noticed he arrived home late after the prayers.

When confronted by his parents the boy disclosed the sexual assault at the hands of the Imam and the police were immediately informed by the parents.

The boy went on to reveal that the Imam paid him Dh5 (500 fils approx) for each time he took him to his room and offered to pay him each time he came to his room following Isha prayers.

The report issued by the forensic laboratory proved that the boy had been abused several times.

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