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Dwayne Johnson becomes Instagram’s highest-paid celebrity


American-Canadian actor Dwayne Johnson is Instagram’s highest-paid celebrity. According to social media marketing firm Hopper HQ, the 48-year-old star can charge advertisers roughly 1,015,000 USD for a sponsored post, reported Fox News.

As of publication, Johnson had 189 million followers followed by Kylie Jenner with 183 million. Hopper HQ published a list of highest-earning stars in 2017 after speaking with celebrities and social media influencers to determine how much they were being paid, as well as speaking with advertisers to estimate how much could be charged for a post.

Exact amounts often aren’t known due to relative secrecy among marketers and influencers. As per the report, beauty mogul Jenner now sits at number two at an estimated 986,000 USD per post. Also on this year’s list were pro soccer player Cristiano Ronaldo - who charged about 889,000 USD per post, and Jenner’s sister Kim Kardashian, who could charge 858,000 USD. American singer Ariana Grande rounds out the top five, charging about 853,000 USD.