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Nissan Bahrain Wins Best Social Media Award

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Y.K. Almoayyed & sons, the sole distributor of Nissan vehicles in the Kingdom of Bahrain have been honoured with the prestigious Best Social Media Award for FY23 in the Nissan Middle East competition.

The contest featured participation from various Nissan Middle East countries, including Jordan, Lebanon, UAE, Qatar, and Kuwait. 

Nissan Bahrain demonstrated exceptional creativity, consistent branding, and strategic execution across their social media platforms.


Their campaigns remained current and aligned with the latest trends, enabling them to secure top positions in terms of engagement and overall brand visibility in Bahrain, surpassing their competitors.

Mr Ahmed Al Dailami, General Manager, Nissan Bahrain said “The Best Social Media Award for FY23 stands as a testament to Nissan Bahrain's dedication to digital innovation and their ability to stay ahead in a rapidly evolving digital landscape.

Nissan Bahrain's achievement in this competition is a source of pride for our organization.

It also recognizes the talented team's efforts, including social media managers, content creators, and community managers, who consistently delivered exceptional results”

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