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LuLu Exchange ties up with EazyPay to remit or buy foreign currency using debit cards

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The Daily Tribune –

In a massive boost to user convenience, LuLu Exchange – Bahrain’s leading remittance and money exchange company, has tied up with EazyPay – Bahrain’s trusted POS Acquirer to allow its customers the option to remit money or buy foreign currency using any debit card.

With the introduction of this facility, customers now no longer need to search for an ATM, or wait in a queue for withdrawing cash for sending money to their loved ones back home.

Instead, they can simply walk into any LuLu Exchange Branch and conduct a transaction using their debit cards, issued by any Bank in Bahrain. In addition, customers can also buy foreign currency directly using their debit card, making the process faster, more transparent and hassle-free.

Talking about this huge milestone in the company’s journey, Edison Fernandez, GM, LuLu Exchange, said, “We are identifying and removing obstacles constantly to simplify the process of transacting with LuLu Exchange.

The era of digitization offers a great deal of convenience, and it is only fitting that we build partnerships that benefit our customers and make their lives easier. EazyPay is a reputed and trusted partner, and we are optimistic that this new feature will further enable a customer-first approach to our services and also contribute to our objective to develop a cashless society.”

Founder, MD & CEO of Eazy Financial Services, Nayef Tawfeeq Al Alawi, said, “We are pleased to have entered this agreement with Lulu Exchange to facilitate their electronic payments across their network of branches in the Kingdom of Bahrain through our POS terminals. “