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Ithmaar Bank empowers customers with new self-service machines

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The Daily Tribune –

Ithmaar Bank, a Bahrain-based Islamic retail bank, has installed self-service banking machines at its Seef Mall and Arad branches, offering customers a whole new digital banking experience.

The new technology automates a range of transactions, such as printing account and cards’ statements, printing certificates, updating customer information, reissuing Debit Card PINs and instantly printing Debit Cards and eCards.

The two branches also have advanced Cash Deposit Machines (CDMs) where customers can deposit up to 200 notes at once.

With customers no longer needing to wait in line for these simple transactions, efficiency at these digital-led branches is also set to improve.

“Convenience, speed, and security are among the most important elements customers look for when conducting bank transactions,” said Ithmaar Bank General Manager- Retail Banking Group, Mohammed Janahi.

“In line with our long-term digital strategy, we are introducing integrated, digital-led branches with cutting-edge technology to further enhance our customers’ banking experience.

The new self-service machines, which empower customers to take control of their banking needs, feature a range of authentication methods to ensure all transactions are safe and secure,” he said.

With the new self-service machines receiving positive feedback from customers, Ithmaar Bank is expected to introduce similar facilities at other branches shortly.

“Bank customers are becoming increasingly sophisticated and demanding smart and instant solutions to meet their constantly evolving needs.

This solution offers an extensive range of services in a kiosk which has been designed and developed in Bahrain to meet the aspirations of our customers,” said Real-Time Solutions Managing Director, Abdulla Hussain.

“We are proud to be working alongside forward-thinking institutions such as Ithmaar Bank to help their customers stay at the cutting edge of the digital transformation,” he said.

The machines/kiosks cater to individuals, SMEs and corporate customers alike.

The instant Debit Card and eCard issuance feature allow individuals to print new cards and replace lost, stolen or damaged Debit Cards instantly.

Customers can also create new PINs for their Debit Cards instantly.

Additionally, the customer information update feature allows them to update the expiration date of their Smart Cards and update residential and electronic mail addresses, and mobile numbers using their Smart Cards, as well as passport and residency visa details for expatriate customers.

Printing of banking certificates is also available, enabling customers to instantly print their IBANs, account balances, request finance-balance certificates and request non-lability certificates.

Furthermore, account and cards statement printing are also easily accessible with the option to receive the statement via email.

Corporate customers and SMEs are now able to use self-service banking machines to print account statements, IBAN certificates and account balance certificates.

Retail customers authentication methods include Smart Card manual ID entry and Debit Card authentications.

 For corporate and SME customers, Debit Card and eBanking credential authentications are required.

Additionally, with the new CDMs, corporate customers and SMEs can deposit 200 notes at once, using Ithmaar Bank’s Deposit Cards or standard Debit Cards.

Deposit Cards can be issued by request through the Branches or Relationship Managers.

Ithmaar Bank’s branch network consists of 13 branches and 38 ATMs at strategic locations throughout the Kingdom of Bahrain.


Abdulla Hussain, Realtime Solution Managing Director


Mohamed Janahi, Ithmaar Bank GM, Retail Banking Group