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Durrat Marina to Re-Start substation works for Marina retail strip

TDT | Manama

Durrat Marina, one of the Kingdom’s leading marina-based real estate development projects, announced restarting substation works for its Marine retain strip. The key elements in the initial phase of Durrat Marina’s development, including seafront villas, residential apartments, a yacht club, and a marina were all launched, rapidly sold, and delivered.

Work continues on expanding this success with the necessary infrastructure and support services to boost the project’s secondary and tertiary stages of development. Chairman of Durrat Marina’s Board of Directors, Yasser Al Jar said, “Our next aim is to continue with the necessary infrastructure works, including an electrical primary station, to ensure we have a bevvy of services near the final development of our seafront retail promenade.

This primary station will ensure permanent power supply to upcoming and future projects and will give a major boost to Phase 2 developments on the main island.” From his end, CEO of Durrat Marina, Waleed Saffy provided further insight on progress, “ Currently, plans for the re-starting the substation works within our Retail zone are underway by a reputable contractor.

“ “We expect that these works will be completed before the end of the year.” Saffy added: “In addition it will support the existing Durrat Marina Yacht Club and the upcoming retail area which are considered the “downtown” of Durrat Marina; a lively and vibrant destination, where families can enjoy restaurants, cafes, trendy boutiques, convenience and speciality shops, and a wide range of leisure activities.”

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