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Energy storage solutions and technologies discussed

TDT | Manama

Sustainable Energy Authority (SEA) president Dr. Abdul Hussain bin Ali Mirza held a virtual meeting yesterday with Energy Harbors Corporation (EHC) representatives. The SEA chief discussed matters of mutual interest in the increasingly important arena of energy storage tied to renewable energy investments.

The EHC representatives presented further information on their patented technologies, gave updates on several technological breakthroughs represented by the technologies within their respective areas of expertise, and discussed potential pilot project opportunities within the Kingdom.

SEA team members who also attended the meeting discussed other technical considerations, barriers to be overcome and potential synergies with the existing work of the authority. Dr. Mirza highlighted the aspects of the National Renewable Energy Action Plan and National Energy Efficiency Action Plan which may benefit from the technology’s impacts.

He thanked EHC for their efforts towards developing novel and innovative solutions in sustainable energy and recommended engagement with other stakeholders within Bahrain, who would be interested in such solutions.

The SEA chief invited the teams to continue their discussions into key opportunities the EHC solutions present within the context of Bahrain’s sustainable energy strategies, where large-scale energy storage is recognised as a vital component to ensuring the sustainability of future national, regional and global energy systems.

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