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Carrefour unveils around 60% increase in online customers

Carrefour has revealed a 59 % increase in new customers onto its online platform, as shoppers choose to go down the digital route during the current coronavirus crisis.

The supermarket giant also told Arabian Business that its online business witnessed a 32 % increase in the first two weeks of March, compared to the same period the previous month.

A spokesperson for Carrefour UAE said: “To cater to increased demand for delivery orders, we’ve opened six new fulfilment centres across the region. We’re also replenishing stocks more frequently and increasing resources at our fulfilment centres to guarantee timely delivery to our customers who do choose to shop online.”

No shortages

Increasing restrictions on movement across the world as the coronavirus spread has prompted mass hysteria in supermarkets and panic buying of items such as hand sanitizer and toilet rolls.

He said: “Our officials in charge know pretty well that medications and food supplies are a red line in the UAE. I’d like to reassure every citizen and resident of the UAE that our country is infinitely able to supply everyone with all the food and medicine they could ever need. We are well prepared to face any challenge that arises.”