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Musk teases three new Tesla models

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Tesla CEO Elon Musk hinted at exciting developments for the electric vehicle giant at a recent shareholders' meeting. Musk revealed that Tesla is working on three new models, presenting a glimpse of the future with a slide showing three vehicles hidden under white covers.

While specific details about the new models remain under wraps, the slide suggested diverse designs.

Two of the covered vehicles appear to have sleek, streamlined shapes, while the third boasts a taller, boxier silhouette, possibly indicating a new van.

"Obviously, we've got some new products that we're working on under the covers.

I think these are going to be pretty special," Musk said during the meeting, adding to the anticipation. Speculation is already rife about what these new models could be.

Reports indicate that one of them might be the highly anticipated robotaxi, which Musk confirmed will be unveiled on August 8, 2024.

The unveiling is expected to mark a significant milestone in Tesla's journey towards revolutionizing urban transportation.