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MPs Propose Allowing Employers to Use Foreign Workers Across Businesses

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Five MPs, including Mohammed Al Maarifi, Ahmed Al Saloom, Abdullah Al Dhaen, Basma Mubarak, and Mamdouh Al Saleh, have submitted a proposal urging the government to allow employers with permits for foreign workers to utilise those workers across all their businesses and commercial activities within the same sector.

Mr Al Maarifi emphasised that if the proposal is implemented, it would grant greater freedom in entrepreneurship, expand business activities, and provide opportunities for emerging projects, small and medium-sized enterprises to grow, expand, and capitalise on new opportunities in the labour market.

Additionally, it would allow employers to utilise foreign workers across all their owned establishments and commercial activities within the same sector, promoting investment and economic development in the Kingdom.

He explained that if an employer has several different projects or activities, they could utilise foreign workers in each one to boost productivity, expand business size, and increase investments.

Mr Al Maarifi further stated that if the government adopts the proposal, employers would benefit from the diverse skills and experiences of foreign workers across various fields and activities.

This, in turn, could contribute to improving the quality of products and services offered, facilitating knowledge and technology exchange between local and foreign workers, and enhancing the Kingdom's economic competitiveness.

He concluded by stating that when employers have the freedom to utilise foreign workers in different fields, they can improve their business efficiency and reduce production costs, making them more competitive both locally and internationally.