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Bahrain Releases 85,600 Fish to Bolster Stocks and Food Security

TDT | Manama

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Dr. Mohammed bin Mubarak bin Dinah, Minister of Oil and Environment and Special Envoy for Climate Affairs, commended Bahrain's commitment to sustainable fisheries and food security during the release of 85,600 juvenile fish by the Supreme Council for the Environment.

The initiative, adhering to rigorous scientific protocols, aims to replenish marine resources and bolster Bahrain's fish stocks. A diverse selection of juvenile fish species were released into suitable marine environments, overseen by a dedicated team of professionals.

"I applaud the exceptional efforts of everyone involved in this critical endeavor," stated Dr. bin Dinah. "This strategic release not only strengthens our marine ecosystems but also ensures long-term food security for Bahrain."

The General Directorate for the Protection of Marine Resources played a pivotal role in ensuring the health and quality of the released fish. Through their ongoing efforts, they cultivate fingerlings for restocking programs and the local market, contributing significantly to Bahrain's sustainable development goals.