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Peace Pilgrim: 62-year-old’s extraordinary journey to 157 countries to shatter stereotypes

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Report by Zahra Ayaz

At 62 years old, Romanian Stefan Leca has dedicated his life to traveling the world and spreading a message of peace and religious understanding.

Over the past several decades, Leca has visited an astonishing 157 countries, all with the goal of promoting the religion of Islam and its teachings of unity, brotherhood, and nonviolence. Leca was born a Christian but became fascinated by Islam during his extensive travels exploring different cultures and ways of life.

Inspired by the religion’s core principles, he made it his personal mission to share this message of peace globally.

“After the 9/11 attacks, when I saw how people started speaking badly about the religion, that’s when I decided I needed to travel, not because I particularly enjoy traveling, but because I want to promote peace and show that Islam is truly a religion of peace,” Leca told The Daily Tribune in an exclusive interview. Leca and his wife have embarked on this remarkable journey primarily by car, shipping the vehicle when necessary to reach remote locations.



He explains his unique approach to engaging with people in the countries he visits: “I never actively approach the locals when I arrive in a new place.

You have to let the people come to you, because if you stop someone on the street and start giving a speech about peace, they may react negatively.

That’s why I modified my car to have a logo that says ‘Islamic peace’ - this attracts people’s curiosity, and then I’m able to tell them about my mission.”


While Leca’s travels have not been without challenges, including incidents of having stones thrown at him in Brazil and facing the risk of robberies and violence in Ethiopia, he has remained steadfast and undeterred.

In fact, he considers Japan to be the safest country he has visited so far. “During this journey, I’ve had to prepare thoroughly - learning about the countries I’ll be visiting, planning my routes, and ensuring I have all the necessary supplies, whether I’ll be traveling through jungles or mountainous areas,” Leca explained.



Language barriers have also posed some difficulties, particularly in China, where Leca found that many people were unwilling to communicate in other languages.

However, these obstacles have done little to dampen his unwavering commitment to his cause. Through his remarkable global journey, Leca’s message of Islamic peace and unity has inspired and impressed countless individuals around the world. His dedication to spreading this important message is a testament to the transformative power of interfaith understanding and dialogue.