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GCC launches tender for 2,177-km railway project

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Report by Mohammed Darwish

Marking a new era of economic integration and cooperation across the region, the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) has announced a significant advancement in its ambitious railway project.

This initiative aims to connect the Gulf countries with a vast 2,177-kilometre railway network.

Specialised companies are invited to send in their applications and obtain the specifications by 7 July in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. The tender seeks expertise in developing operational plans for railway projects, railway transport and logistics services, data collection and analysis, and specialised studies in the field.

Additionally, knowledge of relevant legislation and regulations is essential. Applicants must demonstrate professional and commercial stability and a strong market reputation.

This new phase follows the completion of the study phase for the King Hamad Causeway, a crucial component of the project. auseway This causeway will connect Bahrain to the mainland via two railway tracks spanning 57 kilometres, starting from the planned King Hamad International Passenger Station in the Ramli area.

The construction is a joint venture involving Bahrain’s Ministry of Transportation and Communications, Saudi Arabia’s Ministry of Transport, and the King Fahd Causeway Authority, with participation from both public and private sectors.

The GCC railway route will begin in Kuwait, pass through Dammam in Saudi Arabia to Bahrain, then from Dammam to Qatar via the Salwa port.

It will connect Qatar to Bahrain and continue from Saudi Arabia to the UAE via Abu Dhabi and Al Ain, ending in Muscat, Oman via Sohar. Potential Estimated to cost around $15 billion, the project holds immense potential for the region.

It is expected to significantly impact regional trade, freedom of movement, and joint investments, ultimately enhancing Gulf economic integration.

GCC citizens eagerly anticipate its completion, viewing it as a major leap in Gulf cooperation and connectivity.

The passenger usage of the GCC railway is projected to reach about 8 million per year by 2050.

The Dammam railway station will be connected to all domestic railways within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, while the passenger terminal at King Hamad International station in Ramli will be linked to the passenger terminal at Bahrain International Airport and other commercial and residential areas in the Kingdom via the proposed Bahrain metro network.

Capacity The new four-lane road of the causeway will also increase the capacity of the existing King Fahd Causeway and resolve traffic congestion issues.

The freight yard will facilitate the transportation of 600,000 containers and 13 million tons of bulk freight, which will boost commercial operations at the port and make Bahrain a major logistics hub.