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Fake cops get five years for wallet snatch in Busaiteen

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Posing as police officers, the duo targeted an Asian national, seizing his wallet and ATM card. In the process, they assaulted the victim, inflicting blows to his face and the back of his head.

But that is not the end of the story. Receiving a report, cops sprang into action.

They swiftly apprehended the perpetrators, bringing them to justice.

The shocking incident was reported from Busaiteen.

Recognizing the severity of their actions, the High Criminal Court imposed a five-year prison term on both individuals.

Incidents leading to the case started with the duo approaching the victim and demanding his identification under the guise of law enforcement.

Believing them to be genuine officers, the victim complied. However, the situation took a dramatic turn when one of the impostors forcibly took the victim’s wallet.

When the victim attempted to resist, the other assailant struck him in the face, thwarting his efforts to reclaim his belongings.

Luckily, the facial and head injuries the victim suffered from the assault were not severe.

Nonetheless, fearing for his safety, he surrendered his wallet containing 85 dinars and an ATM card.

Following the robbery, the defendants fled the scene, later confessing to their crimes during the investigation.

The first defendant admitted to the theft, while the second acknowledged his involvement in sharing the stolen proceeds.

The court’s verdict of guilt for robbery and subsequent sentencing underscored the gravity of their actions, ensuring accountability for their deceitful and criminal behaviour.