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Bahrain to host International Space Forum

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Bahrain is set to make history this summer as it hosts the prestigious sixth edition of the International Space Forum (ISF) for the first time in the Middle East and North Africa region. From 2nd to 3rd July 2024, the Kingdom will become the epicentre of global space dialogue, welcoming an elite assembly of space leaders, policymakers, and experts to explore how space technology can transform diplomacy and economic development in the MENA region.

The forum, titled "Space as a Change Agent in Diplomacy and Economic Development in the MENA Region," will convene space leaders from the MENA region and around the world to discuss the role of space technology in driving positive change.

Dr Mohammed Ibrahim Al Asiri, CEO of the NSSA, stated that hosting the ISF aligns with the agency's strategic plan to position Bahrain as a regional and international hub for space science and technology. This initiative also supports Bahrain's national space policy and His Majesty the King's vision to enhance Bahrain's global standing in the space sector.

The forum will feature three distinguished speakers who will address fundamental topics such as Earth observation, space exploration, and space policy. The discussions will focus on harnessing advanced technologies to develop efficient services that benefit society and support informed decision-making. Additionally, the forum will explore exemplary practices in implementing space-related policies that enhance diplomatic and economic progress.

Among the attendees will be ministers and senior officials from governmental bodies and agencies dedicated to space policy, as well as representatives from higher education institutions across the MENA region and beyond. Participants will share their insights and experiences, informed by their national and regional contexts.

The forum will culminate with the adoption of the "Manama Page," a final declaration endorsed by the IAF. This document will encapsulate the insights and recommendations of the participating countries, adding to a collection of declarations from Trento (2016), Nairobi (2017), Buenos Aires (2018), Reggio Calabria (2019), and Panama City (2023).

By hosting the ISF, Bahrain further cements its standing in the global space arena. The NSSA, which joined the IAF, the world's foremost space organisation, in 2021, has maintained close ties with the ASI since 2019.

This event highlights Bahrain's ambitions in space exploration and its potential to influence diplomacy, economic development, and societal advancement in the MENA region and beyond.