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Promoting youthful energy and creativity

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Her Excellency Dr Jehad Al-Fadhel, Second Deputy Speaker of the Bahrain Shura Council, has highlighted the leadership’s vigorous support for nurturing the talents of the youth within Bahrain and the UAE.

This resolve, she said, stems from a firm belief that creating a supportive atmosphere is crucial for igniting the spark of youthful energy and creativity, which are essential for the nation’s prosperity.

The Shura Council is intent on shaping laws that encourage the youth to step forward and play a central role in steering the nation’s direction, reflecting the aspirations of our era.

The youth are acknowledged as the key drivers of sustainable growth, charting the course towards a resilient future. Dr Al-Fadhel illuminated the Council’s role in fostering the ambitions of the “Young Parliamentarians” programme.

With a focus on the future, the Council supports the youth in their legislative and democratic endeavours, nurturing an environment where their initiatives and dialogues can flourish.

Parliamentary procedure She elaborated that the simulation session serves as a handson introduction to parliamentary procedure, marking a significant milestone for the “Young Parliamentarians” programme’s extensive preparation of Emirati youth for the challenges of parliamentary excellence.

The visit of the Emirati youth delegation to the Shura Council has established a crucial exchange of insights and expertise between the nations, promoting the development of young individuals who are aware of their talents and possess a deep sense of loyalty, ready to play a key role in national advancement.

The event was graced by the presence of distinguished figures, including Dr Jamila Al-Salman, Vice Chairman of the Services Committee, Dr Bassam AlBinmohamed, Dr Hani Al-Saati, members of the Shura Council; and Mrs Karima Al-Abbasi, the Secretary-General of the Council.

Inaugural graduates

The session also featured the participation of the inaugural graduates of the “Young Parliamentarians” programme, a joint initiative by the National Emirati Foundation and the Federal Youth Authority