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Fake Insta, Cheap Substitutes: Electronics scam busted in Muharraq

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Report by Mohammed Darwish

The Chief Prosecutor of Muharraq Governorate announced that the Public Prosecution had received a report from the Muharraq Governorate Police Directorate stating that a group of Asians had created fraudulent social media accounts.

These digital facades were utilised to promote electronic devices at prices that defy customary market rates.

When unsuspecting customers placed orders, the perpetrators improperly packaged the items, thus obscuring the true nature of the contents.

Low-quality substitute

products The recipients of these parcels, upon delivery, realised that the devices advertised were conspicuously absent or that they had been palmed off with some low-quality substitute products.

In response, the Public Prosecution immediately embarked upon an investigation.

The accused parties were subjected to rigorous interrogation and were subsequently remanded in custody, pending further investigation.

The authorities have also been sifting through the content on the phones the defendants used to commit these crimes.

Supplementary investigations

Additionally, they requested supplementary investigations into the broader criminal activity of the accused in preparation for bringing them and any others proven to have played a role to a criminal trial.

With this probe ongoing, the public is urged to exercise extreme caution when making purchases online, especially for heavily discounted electronic devices.