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Schools to have holidays on Wednesday and Thursday in view of Arab Summit: Education Ministry

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Ministry of Education announced on Sunday that all schools in the Kingdom will have holidays on Wednesday (May 15th) and Thursday (May 16th) in view of the Arab Summit

Key Changes:

Public Schools:
Secondary School Exams: Final exams originally scheduled for May 15th and 16th will be rescheduled. A revised schedule will be published soon by the Ministry.

May 15th & 16th: All levels (primary, preparatory, and secondary) will be dedicated study and preparation days for final exams.

Regular Classes Resume: Secondary and preparatory students will resume exams, and all other levels will resume regular classes, on Sunday, May 19th.

Private Schools:
Flexibility for Adjustments: Private schools have the discretion to reschedule lessons or exams on May 15th and 16th, with the option for students to make up the work the following week. Schools will communicate directly with students and parents regarding their chosen approach.

Higher Education Institutions:
Rescheduling Operations: Public and private universities and colleges will reschedule classes or exams on May 15th and 16th. Regular operations will resume on Sunday, May 19th.

International Exams:
Exempt from Adjustments: Schools and universities administering international exams are exempt from these changes if rescheduling is not possible. Students attending these exams should follow their original schedules and utilize alternative routes provided by the Ministry of Interior during the Summit.

Nurseries and Kindergartens:
Closure: These institutions will be closed on May 15th and 16th. Parents should confirm arrangements with their child's nursery or kindergarten.
The Ministry of Education emphasizes that these adjustments prioritize student and parent needs by offering flexibility during the Summit.