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"Balanced Approach" Key for Sustainable Energy Future, Says Bahraini Climate Envoy

At a recent business networking luncheon organized by the American Chamber of Commerce Bahrain at Crowne Plaza, the Minister of Oil and Environment and the Special Envoy for Climate Affairs, His Excellency Dr Mohammed bin Mubarak Bin Daina, underscored the pressing need for a balanced approach in navigating the energy crisis and transitioning towards sustainable energy solutions. He emphasized that this is not a task for a few, but a shared responsibility that each one of us, as business leaders and stakeholders in the energy sector, must shoulder.

Addressing the audience, Dr Bin Daina highlighted the longstanding bilateral relationship between Bahrain and the United States, spanning over 80 years. He emphasized that beyond military cooperation, Bahrain's collaboration with the US extends to economic ties, including the Free Trade Agreement (FTA), with a significant focus on environmental considerations. This collaboration, he noted, holds immense potential for us to collectively address the energy crisis and transition towards sustainable energy solutions.

Dr Bin Daina drew attention to recent climate-related incidents at Bahrain Petroleum Company (Bapco) and attributed them to the effects of climate change. He emphasized, "No way anyone can question climate change when faced with such extreme weather conditions."

Regarding alternative energy sources, Dr Bin Daina acknowledged the potential role of hydrogen but expressed concerns about its high cost. He stressed the need for a balanced approach, advocating for integrating multiple energy sources such as renewables and hydrogen to address the energy shortage effectively.

Examining global energy consumption and the challenges developing nations face due to limited financing options, Dr Bin Daina expressed genuine concern about the heavy reliance on specific energy sources. He warned against the risk of a shortage of energy sources that cannot be easily replaced, exacerbating the energy crisis.

While affirming Bahrain's commitment to combat climate change, including targets to achieve carbon neutrality by 2060 and a substantial reduction in emissions by 2035, Dr Bin Daina raised questions about the effectiveness of current initiatives in mitigating climate impacts.

As the world intensifies efforts to combat climate change, the imperative of finding alternative energy sources grows more pronounced, underscoring the urgent need for a balanced and sustainable approach to energy transition.