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Bahrain offers promising investment opportunity

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Report by Zahra Ayaz

Bahrain, known for its stable political environment and pro-business policies, is emerging as an attractive investment destination, according to real estate expert Gulnaz Amangeldinova from Glory Real Estate.

In an exclusive interview with The Daily Tribune, Amangeldinova highlighted several factors that make Bahrain an appealing choice for investors.

“For business owners, Bahrain offers tax-free advantages, and the process of establishing a company here takes an average of just two weeks,” stated Amangeldinova.

The ease of setting up a business, combined with favourable tax policies, presents a significant incentive for entrepreneurs seeking to expand their ventures.

“Bahrain is a small country that gives you a luxurious life experience,” Amangeldinova added. “To reach any other destination, you need an average of 15 minutes.

Each area has schools, restaurants, malls, etc. Life moves slowly compared to big cities (countries).” The convenience and comfort offered by the Kingdom’s compact size contribute to its appeal as an investment destination.

High ROI

Regarding the real estate market in Bahrain, Amangeldinova emphasised the country’s high return on investment (ROI) for residential properties.

“The average ROI in Bahrain for residential properties is 8 per cent, which is higher than in other regions,” she stated.

This attractive ROI is attributed to the government’s initiatives to promote the sector and stimulate demand.

“The government is actively working to boost tourism in the country and making efforts to attract foreign investors,” Amangeldinova affirmed.

The government’s commitment to attracting foreign businesses and investors creates new opportunities for real estate investment in Bahrain.

Market changes

She also highlighted recent market changes that have positively impacted the sector. “Enhancing affordable housing options has had a positive impact on the market,” she explained.

Furthermore, Bahraini banks have started offering mortgages with good rates for investors, some without a down payment requirement, further attracting investors to the real estate market.

Seef and Juffair have consistently shown high demand and return on investment for residential and commercial properties.

However, in recent months, Bahrain Bay and Marassi have gained traction among foreign investors.