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MPs advocate job security as 274 Bahrainis dismissed by delivery company

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Lawmakers Hamad Farooq Al Doy  and Jalal Kadhem Hasan have brought attention to the plight of 274 Bahraini employees dismissed by a delivery company in the kingdom.

The employees were informed of their impending dismissal, coinciding with the end of Tamkeen's three-year support period.

According to Al-Dawi, the affected individuals have received final dismissal letters, indicating the company's imminent closure in Bahrain by May 15, 2024.


It has been revealed that a new company will take over operations in the same sector, resulting in a significant reduction in the existing workforce.

Expressing concern for the dismissed employees, Al-Dawi has urged relevant authorities, particularly the Ministry of Labour, to ensure job opportunities with comparable employment levels and salaries, while also protecting the rights of those laid off.


Highlighting systemic issues, both MPs emphasized the need for stricter regulations to prevent exploitation by companies benefiting from state subsidies, especially Tamkeen support.

They stressed the importance of directing Tamkeen's assistance solely to Bahraini-owned companies to address the recurring issue of foreign entities laying off Bahraini workers after the subsidy period ends.


Meanwhile, MP Al-Mahfouz criticized the ongoing trend of layoffs in the private sector, attributing it to the lack of robust policies ensuring job stability for Bahraini citizens.

He called for stringent penalties against companies violating labour regulations, noting loopholes in existing support policies that facilitate exploitation.

These statements underscore growing concerns about job security and the necessity for comprehensive measures to protect Bahraini workers from exploitation and uncertainty in the private sector.

Meanwhile, the Labour Ministry has swiftly responded to concerns surrounding the closure of a local branch of a delivery company, which resulted in the termination of employment for Bahraini workers. Following discussions with the company's director, measures have been taken to ensure the rights of affected workers, including the payment of any outstanding dues as per Labour Law No. (36) of 2012.

To support affected workers, the Ministry has established a specialized team to assist in finding alternative employment opportunities aligned with their skills and qualifications. Additionally, all affected workers will receive unemployment compensation equivalent to 60% of their insured wage for nine months or until reemployment.

The Ministry reiterates its commitment to monitoring employment reductions in the private sector and vows to explore suitable alternatives for affected workers. National Bank, in collaboration with relevant authorities, acknowledges the cooperation of employers in facilitating suitable job opportunities for job seekers.


From left, Jalal Kadhem Hasan and Hamad Farooq Al Doy