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New paradigm for healthcare in Bahrain unveiled at C3 Summit Davos

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The C3 Summit Davos of Healthcare, organised by American Mission Hospital and held at The Diplomat Radisson Blu Hotel, Residence & Spa, witnessed a dynamic discussion yesterday on a new paradigm for health and healthcare in Bahrain. Eminent panellists, including key figures such as Dr. Mariam Al Jalahma, Dr. Samya Ali Bahram, Dr. Ejlal Faisal Al-Alawi, and Professor Dr. Sameer Otoom, shed light on innovative approaches to revolutionise the nation’s healthcare landscape. Dr. Al Jalahma shared a success story from the pandemic, stating, “This time, the case in Bahrain was different. From the beginning, Bahrain's Crown Prince and Prime Minister, HRH Prince Salman bin Hamad Al Khalifa, realised that this was not a simple pandemic that the Ministry of Health could manage alone. All ministries worked as a cohesive team, including the Defence Affairs Ministry, Interior Ministry, Works Ministry, Industry and Commerce Ministry, and Health Ministry.

Communication and collaboration

“We established a vital communication hub where data was collected, statistics were generated, accidents were reported, and patients were managed. Effective communication and collaboration were key during this crisis.” Dr. Samya Ali Bahram highlighted the upcoming health insurance system in Bahrain, saying, “In 2018, work was initiated to unify the electronic medical records across all health sectors, including both private and governmental institutions. This will strengthen relations between all health sectors and foster the exchange of trade and expertise. “Strong communication and the exchange of knowledge with esteemed institutions such as Salmaniya Medical Complex, King Hamad University Hospital, BDF Hospital, and American Mission Hospital are helping us keep our staff updated and address evolving healthcare needs.”

Preparedness for a new level

Dr. Ejlal Faisal Al-Alawi emphasised the lessons learned from the pandemic, stating, “We have taken our preparedness to a new level in various aspects. We realised the need to invest in the healthcare system, whether it be governmental or private, by enhancing infrastructure, increasing ICU units, expanding lab capacity, and providing training in public health and other sectors. Our surveillance and communication sectors have also witnessed significant improvements.” Professor Dr. Sameer Otoom discussed the future management of healthcare challenges, particularly medical education. He stated, “In our medical schools, we need to change our approach and provide undergraduates with critical thinking skills and soft skills. Graduates should possess leadership qualities and teamwork abilities. The focus should not only be on knowledge, skills, and attitude but also on teaching leadership skills and fostering effective communication among healthcare workers.”

Compassion and sympathy

In addition, he said, “Values such as compassion and sympathy should continue to be emphasised. Technology and AI cannot replace the human touch, which remains crucial in healthcare. Furthermore, we must incorporate the lessons learned during the COVID-19 pandemic into our teachings.” The nation’s unified approach, emphasis on collaboration, and investments in infrastructure and education are poised to shape a new paradigm for health and healthcare, ensuring a brighter future for Bahraini citizens.