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Schools in Sitra to go digital this week

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The Bahrain Education Ministry has announced a temporary shift to online learning for schools in the Sitra area and surrounding regions, effective from today (April 22) until Thursday (April 25). This decision follows reports of unusual odours in several schools within the area. “The Ministry has been working closely with the Supreme Council for Environment, which has dispatched teams to investigate the source of the odours.

As a precautionary measure and to ensure the safety of students and staff, the Ministry has decided to temporarily suspend in-person classes and transition to online learning via the digital platform,” the Ministry explained in a statement published on its official Instagram account.

The Ministry of Education has emphasised its commitment to the health and safety of all students and staff. “The decision to shift to online learning is a precautionary measure to ensure the well-being of everyone involved while the investigation into the source of the odours is ongoing. The Ministry will continue to work closely with the relevant authorities and provide updates as they become available,” the statement concluded.


Educational institutions to be affected by the temporary shift