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Bahrain court orders man to repay loan to ex-wife’s father

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The Bahrain High Civil Court has ordered a man to repay a BD5,140 loan he received from his ex-wife’s father during their marriage.

The court ruled in favour of the plaintiff, despite the lack of a written agreement, based on the testimonies of witnesses who confirmed the loan transaction.

The plaintiff, the ex-wife’s father, claimed that he had lent the defendant, his former son-in-law, a total of BD5,140 to support his online business.

However, he was unable to provide a written agreement due to the “moral barrier” of their relationship as in-laws during the marriage.

The defendant argued that the loan could not be proven by witness testimony due to the legal restrictions on such evidence.

He also claimed that there was no “moral barrier” as the plaintiff was not a party to the marriage.


However, the court disagreed with the defendant’s arguments.

It found that the relationship between in-laws constitutes a “moral barrier” that allows for witness testimony to prove transactions that would normally require a written agreement.

The court also emphasised that the Bahraini society considers the father of a wife to be like a father to the husband, further justifying the application of the “moral barrier” exception.

The court ultimately ruled in favor of the plaintiff, ordering the defendant to repay the BD5,140 loan and to bear the court costs and lawyer’s fees.