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Emotional distress campaign for Indian workers in Bahrain

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In a remarkable display of solidarity, the Indian Community Relief Fund (ICRF) and Pleasure Riders Bahrain (PRB) organised an impactful awareness campaign on Friday morning.

The “Awareness on Wheels” campaign aimed to address the prevalent issue of emotional distress among Indian workers in Bahrain.

A group of 25 enthusiastic members from PRB, accompanied by dedicated ICRF volunteers, embarked on a mission to visit several labour camps situated in Asker and Buri.

Their goal was to educate workers on the importance of mental well-being and provide necessary support.

During the visits, the PRB and ICRF members engaged with the workers, offering guidance and sharing crucial information on managing emotional distress.

Informative flyers

They distributed informative flyers containing the contact numbers of ICRF volunteers, ensuring that workers had access to immediate assistance in times of emergency.

The campaign was part of ICRF LIFE (Listen, Involve, Foster, Engage), a support initiative designed to offer aid to individuals facing emotional challenges.

Recognising the evolving global landscape and the hardships faced by many, ICRF has made it their mission to assist and empower Indian workers in their fight against emotional distress.