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Residents struggle to cope with severe flooding amidst heavy rainfall

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The entire nation is currently in the throes of a severe flooding crisis following relentless downpours that commenced yesterday.

The torrential rains have transformed roads into waterways, leaving vehicles stranded and causing chaotic traffic conditions.

In light of safety concerns, a significant number of individuals have opted to remain at home.

Yesterday, the Ministry of Education swiftly responded to the adverse weather conditions by announcing the closure of both private and public schools.

This proactive measure was taken to ensure the well-being of students and staff members.

The alarming situation has prompted widespread fear among residents, discouraging them from venturing out in their vehicles.


However, the Ministry of Work has deployed a dedicated team to address the crisis head-on.

The team is tirelessly working to drain rainwater from affected households and roadways, offering much-needed relief to the beleaguered populace.

The flooding has brought about unprecedented challenges for the people of Bahrain.

With roads submerged and cars immobilized, the nation finds itself grappling with the immediate consequences of the heavy rainfall.


A weather satellite image shows the impact of the heavy rain


Scenes in Juffair (Pictures by Ashen Tharaka)


The Ministry of Municipalities and its supporting teams are working on sucking rainwater from the region and its streets and pumping it to Lake Al-Luzi