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Rate of Runaway workers in Bahrain drops to 0.2%

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The departure rate of foreign workers abandoning their jobs in Bahrain has plummeted to 0.2%, according to Labour Minister Jameel Humaidan. This is supposedly following the suspension of flexible work permits, say officials.

The minister disclosed that only 1,347 workers left their positions, a notable decline compared to the 562,593 work permits issued. Humaidan clarified that Bahrain has ceased granting flexible work permits, introduced in 2017, since their suspension in October 2022, preceding the commencement of the sixth legislative session in December 2022.

The move comes after the Crown Prince and the Prime Minister, HRH Prince Salman bin Hamad Al Khalifa ordered the Labour Market Regulatory Authority (LMRA) on 5 October 2022 to cancel the Flexi-Permit programme, along with a series of other reforms.

The current remarks came in response to a parliamentary query by Member of Parliament Ahmed Qarata. During this period, efforts were made to address the status of irregular workers through various means, including voluntary departure, deportation under certain circumstances, employment with compliant employers, or registration in the labour system.

In combating the escalating departure of foreign and domestic workers, Minister Humaidan highlighted the Labour Market Regulatory Authority's (LMRA) implementation of stringent procedures for work abandonment violations. Notably, one such measure includes the cancellation of work permits for confirmed job leavers.