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Bahrain’s First Honey Factory Seeks Government Backing

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Report by Ashen Tharakan

Bahrain’s honey industry is abuzz with excitement as the nation’s first honey factory takes shape. However, behind the sweet success lies a call for increased government assistance to fuel further growth and combat counterfeit honey flooding the market.

Meeting Abbas Hamada: A Day in the Life of a Beekeeper Venturing into the heart of Bahrain’s beekeeping scene led us to Abbas Hamada, a dedicated beekeeper in Budaiya.


With 6-7 years of experience under his belt, Hamada produces an impressive one-tonne of honey annually. Yet his ambitions extend far beyond his farm’s boundaries.

Acting as a vital link in the honey supply chain, he distributes his golden produce across various regions, enriching Bahrain’s honey diversity. In the battle against counterfeit honey despite Hamada’s dedication, the spectre of fake honey looms large.


Disrupting consumer trust and undercutting genuine producers, as well as counterfeit products, threaten the industry’s integrity. Hamada’s plea for increased government support resonates strongly, emphasising the need for financial and infrastructural aid to fortify operations and safeguard authenticity.