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Bahrain Shura approves BD200 million boost bill to energise private sector

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Upon extensive deliberations among its members, the Shura Council has given its approval to a bill aimed at bolstering the private sector with an infusion of BD200 million sourced from the Unemployment Fund.

A total of BD742 million from the Unemployment Fund has been channeled into the labour market between 2019 and 2023. The bill received unanimous approval from all members of the Council of Representatives last Tuesday, with the sole exception of MP Jalal Kadhem.

In her address to the house, Dr. Jehad Abdulla Alfadhel, Chairman of the Services Committee, stated: “I believe this legislation represents a significant investment in Bahrain’s human capital. It sets a new precedent in government support philosophy by simultaneously assisting Bahrainis and propelling the private sector to hire and train them for long-term employment within their organisations, even beyond the two-year timeframe.”

Dr. Alfadhel proposed a provision requiring employer approval, firmly believing that this measure will guarantee the long-term job security of private sector employees after the two-year subsidy. By advocating for this requirement, she aims to establish a robust framework that safeguards the rights and stability of employees, fostering reassurance and protection in the private sector.

The sentiment of approval was echoed among other members of the Shura Council, who expressed concerns about the financial security of employees beyond the two-year subsidy period. They underlined the necessity of addressing and ensuring long-term financial well-being, acknowledging the value of ongoing stability for workers and highlighting the importance of comprehensive measures that go beyond the initial period of support.