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Qatar unveils dates for prestigious boat show

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Reported by Ashen Tharaka

The Qatar International Boat Show (QBS), a highly anticipated event set to mark a significant journey for the Qatari and regional economies, will be held from November 6th to 9th at the Old Doha Port (ODP).

The official dates were unveiled at a special prelaunch ceremony held in Doha. This spectacular event, organized by the Old Doha Port and Gulf Marine Services LLC, promises to reach out to both regional tourism and the boat industry.

It aims to be a catalyst for economic growth and solidify Qatar’s position as a leading maritime destination, aligning with the nation’s Vision 2030 goals.

A Unique Platform for the Region

Speaking to The Daily Tribune, Eng. Mohammed Al Mulla, Executive Director of the Old Doha Port, emphasised the importance of QBS for the entire region. “QBS will provide a unique environment for interested parties across the region,” he said, “and the marine industry will serve as a connecting link for the whole world.”

Highlighting the show’s potential to attract a wider audience, Al Mulla stated, “By introducing new offerings to dealers, companies, and market specialists, we expect to attract more potential customers to the event.”

Bahrain’s Potential

Industry leaders present at the event acknowledged the potential for similar events in Bahrain, given its established infrastructure and thriving startup scene in the marine sector. Nouman Al Hakim, Chief Operating Officer of the Al Ameeri Group Holding in Kuwait, commented, “Bahrain has the potential to consider this market and host similar events.

While the market size is a factor, Bahrain is undeniably a fantastic destination in terms of facilities and infrastructure.” He further commended Qatar’s initiative, stating, “This will be a fabulous initiative by Qatar to bring together all stakeholders under one roof.” Alshaali Group, one of the oldest boat-building companies in the UAE, expressed their intention to expand into Bahrain and Oman as part of their growth plans.

Masood Javeed, Chief Financial Officer at Alshaali Group, expressed his company’s interest in expanding the regional market, stating, “As Qatar takes steps to boost the regional market, we are looking to expand market share with our presence. We also plan to establish a yard in Qatar in the future.”

QBS Preparation

During a media tour, QBS organisers showcased the extensive capacity and infrastructure development of the Old Doha Port, equipped to accommodate yachts and various other vessels. Spanning over 800,000 square metres, the ODP boasts 450 berths for boats of all sizes, up to 160 metres in length.

Additionally, the ODP has been designated the official gateway for QBS 2024, with a streamlined VIP immigration process for participants. “We are promoting the ODP as a hub for superyachts and cruise ships,” said Mohammed Al Atwaan, Operation and Project Director at the ODP.

Highlighting the potential regional impact, Al Atwaan concluded, “QBS will be a turning point for the industry, and its benefits will flow to neighbouring countries. We hope to see Bahraini companies participate in QBS, contributing to a positive impact for their nation as well.”

A Visionary Event

The Qatar International Boat Show stands as a testament to Qatar’s commitment to fostering economic growth and attracting tourism through the display of cutting-edge marine technology and captivating leisure experiences, aligning perfectly with the aspirations outlined in Qatar Vision 2030.