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NBB, Lulu and ASU Join the Sports wave in Bahrain!

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Reported by Ashen Tharaka

Bahrain Bay came alive yesterday with a sea of enthusiasm as leading organisations united for the Kingdom’s annual Sports Day. From enthusiastic crowds to cooperative businesses, the event highlighted the nation’s dedication to healthy living and fostering a vibrant sporting culture.

The National Bank of Bahrain (NBB) played a major role, actively engaging participants and promoting their Thara’a Prize Account. Usman Ahmed, NBB Group CEO, emphasised the significance of Sports Day during an interview with the Daily Tribune. He described it as a “massive entertainment event, especially for Bahrain’s youth,” and expressed pride in NBB’s partnership.

“Our participation aligns perfectly with this national initiative, and we’re thrilled to offer exciting incentives through Thara’a to the visitors at the sports day. Our employees actively participated, showcasing our banking services to visitors,” Mr. Ahmed stated.

He commended the event as “extremely successful” and praised the government’s initiative for promoting healthy lifestyles and positive energy among young Bahrainis. NBB even set up a special counter at the event to introduce the Thara’a Prize Account, which offers exciting prizes, including luxury villas and monthly cash rewards exceeding USD 2 million. Those who opened a Thara’a Prize Account during the event significantly increased their chances of winning.

Beyond financial institutions, educational institutions like the Applied Science University of Bahrain (ASU) also actively participated in this event. “We firmly believe in supporting and energising young careers in sports,” said Professor Hatem Masri, Acting President of ASU. “Sports Day embodies this spirit, and we’re proud to be a part of it,” he added.

Retail giants like Lulu Group International also shared their enthusiasm. “This event showcases the incredible energy of Bahraini sports, and we’re honoured to be involved,” said Juzer Rupawala, Director of Lulu Group International. “It’s a fantastic initiative to encourage the youth and promote an active lifestyle.”

The President of the Brave Combat Federation, Mohammed Shahid, praised HH Shaikh Khalid bin Hamad Al Khalifa’s vision for Bahraini sports during the Sports Day event. Shahid stated, “Shaikh Khalid is consistently pushing to elevate Bahraini sports onto the global stage, and I believe we possess all the necessary capabilities as a nation to achieve this.

He went on to highlight the importance of Sports Day, saying, ”It’s a fantastic opportunity for everyone to have fun, participate in different sports, and improve their physical fitness." This event reinforces the Kingdom’s commitment to creating a vibrant and active community where sports play a vital role in life.


Usman Ahmed, NBB Group CEO


NBB Team is introducing the Thara’a Prize Account to the visitors


Professor Hatem Masri, Acting President of ASU


Lulu Group Regional Director Juzer Rupawala, second from right, with his team


BRAVE stall at the event


Lulu stall at the event


ASU Management attended the event