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Foundation stone laid for mosque project in Bahrain

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The foundation stone laying for the Imam Al-Rida Mosque project in Salman City, situated in Block 583, has been completed.

This marks a significant milestone as the first mosque to be established in the city after a lapse of three years. This was confirmed by the Second District of the Northern Municipal Council representative, Basem Abu Idris.

Highlighting the significance of this development, Idris described the construction of the Imam Al-Rida Mosque as the initial “rain of rain” in Salman City. He revealed plans for the construction of three additional mosques in the city’s first stage: Imam Al-Jawad Mosque, Al-Zahra Mosque, and Sayyida Zainab Mosque.

Idris extended his congratulations to the residents of the second district and the individuals responsible for overseeing the mosque projects. He expressed gratitude for their dedication and tireless efforts in collaboration with the municipal council to serve the region and the nation.