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A Bridge of Friendship Spanning Centuries

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As India gleefully embraces its 75th Republic Day, the Bahrain India Society joins the joyous chorus, celebrating not just a nation’s vibrant democracy and rich heritage, but also the deep-rooted friendship that binds Bahrain and India together.

Formed in 2008 by leading Bahraini and Indian visionaries, the Society stands as a testament to the centuries-old ties that link these two nations. Headed by the esteemed former Minister of Labour, H.E. Mr. Abdulnabi Al Sho’ala, the Society tirelessly works to weave stronger bonds across social, economic, scientific, and cultural spheres.

“On this momentous occasion,” proclaims Chairman Abdulrahman Juma, “we at the Bahrain India Society extend our warmest felicitations to India and its people. This day is not just a celebration of India’s journey, but a reaffirmation of the enduring friendship between Bahrain and India. We pledge to work towards greater collaboration and shared prosperity in the years to come.”

Echoing this sentiment, Vice-Chairman CA P Balasubramanyan emphasizes the deep roots of this partnership. “As we celebrate India’s 75th Republic Day,” he says, “we recognize the shared values and aspirations that have guided our collaboration across various sectors. May our partnership continue to flourish, bringing about mutual success and understanding for both our nations.”

Secretary Zahraa Taher adds, “India’s Republic Day holds profound significance, marking its progress towards unity, democracy, and progress. The Bahrain India Society recognizes the strength of the Bahrain-India bond, built on mutual respect, cooperation, and shared prosperity.

We are committed to nurturing this relationship, strengthening the social and economic ties that connect our peoples, and paving the way for a future brimming with opportunity and collaboration.” From organizing cultural exchanges to fostering business partnerships, the Bahrain India Society serves as a vibrant bridge between the two nations.

As India basks in the glow of its 75th Republic Day, the Society stands firmly behind it, ready to write new chapters of friendship and cooperation in the years to come. So, let the joyous notes of Indian celebrations resonate in Bahrain, a testament to the enduring bond that thrives between these two nations. Happy Republic Day, India!