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Trainee doctors’ social security inclusion lauded by Bahraini MPs

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Compiled by Safna Mujeeb

Several Bahraini MPs have welcomed the decision to register trainee doctors under the social security system.

MPs who proposed the inclusion of interns in the social security system welcomed the decision by the HR Department for Government Hospitals to provide insurance coverage for new interns in medical specialties programs.

They highlighted that the resolution aligns with their proposal, ensuring the rights of trained physicians and enabling insurance through the General Organisation for Social Insurance.

MP Dr. Maryam Al-Dhaen praised the approval of the law proposed in August, aiming to include interns in the social security system, highlighting its positive impact on job seekers in training programs and the financial sustainability of the pension system in Bahrain.

The decision by government hospitals aligns with the proposed law, demonstrating progress towards comprehensive inclusion of trainees in various fields, the MP stated. Dr. Hesham Al-Asheeri, a prominent MP, lauded the decision, citing its alignment with a proposal put forth by several MPs.

This proposal aims at ensuring that government registers trainees in the social security system, safeguarding their rights and accounting for years of service loss during their training period, the MP said.

Al-Asheeri emphasized that the decision is in line with parliamentary aspirations. The move enables trainee doctors to be affiliated with government hospitals, with the General Social Security Authority providing insurance.

This is made possible by allocating the monthly subscription amount from the monthly bonus paid to trainees.


President of the Bahraini Doctors Association, Dr. Amer Al-Darazi, expressed gratitude for the proposal presented by a group of representatives.

On behalf of the Bahrain Medical Association, he thanked the Speaker of the House of Representatives, Ahmed bin Salman Al-Musallam, and fellow representatives for championing the registration of doctors in training under the social insurance system.

Al-Darazi acknowledged the continued parliamentary support and significant efforts in addressing doctors’ concerns and involving the Association in developing medical services.


The Board of Directors of the Association echoed these sentiments, commending MPs for their diligence in following up on medical matters in the Kingdom.

They extended deep gratitude for the proposal and appreciated the government’s unwavering support for Bahraini doctors. MP Mohsen Ali Al-Asbool praised the announcement of insurance coverage for new doctor trainees, emphasizing the importance of its retroactive application.

Deputy Al-Asboul indicated that the decision is expected to include all trainee doctors retroactively, beyond those in the new training program. Al-Asboul commended the efforts of Dr. Jalila bint Al

Sayed Jawad Hassan, Minister of Health, and Dr. Maryam Azby Al-Jlahma, Executive President of Government Hospitals, for empowering and supporting Bahraini staff and contributing to the development of the health sector.