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Book on vision for sustainable prosperity in Arab Gulf launched

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In a distinguished gathering at the Diplomat Radisson Hotel in Bahrain, the unveiling of Jarmo T. Kotilaine’s latest work, “Sustainable Prosperity in the Arab Gulf: From Miracle to Method,” marked a significant moment in the discourse on the economic trajectory of the region post-oil.

Esteemed figures from the Bahraini government graced the event, including Raeed Bin Shams, Director General of the Ministry of Labor, and Mrs Maha Mofeez, Chief Executive Officer of Tamkeen.

Kotilaine, a seasoned economist and financial consultant, delves into the economic metamorphosis of the Arab Gulf in his latest offering. With a wealth of experience in the financial sector and affiliations with prominent entities like the National Commercial Bank of Saudi Arabia, the Bahrain Economic Development Board, and Tamkeen, Kotilaine brings a nuanced perspective.

The book contends that while the Arab Gulf has witnessed a commendable economic evolution in recent decades, it is not immune to challenges. Paramount among these challenges are the imperatives to diversify from oil and gas, generate employment for a burgeoning population, and confront the pressing issue of climate change.

Kotilaine propounds a vision for sustainable prosperity, focusing on strategic focal points, including robust investment in education and skills development, promoting entrepreneurship and innovation, cultivating a knowledge-based economy, and establishing sustainable infrastructure.

Regional collaboration

In emphasising the book’s central tenet, Kotilaine stresses the indispensability of regional collaboration in achieving enduring prosperity. He contends that collective efforts among the Arab Gulf nations will yield more substantial outcomes than isolated endeavours.

MENA Centre of Investment and Bahrain Research Consortium  supported with the launch of the new book titled : Sustainable Prosperity In The Arab Gulf, From Miracle To Method Chaired by Dr Zakaria Hejres.