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Progress under scrutiny

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In a concerted effort to oversee the progress of critical infrastructure development initiatives, His Excellency Engineer Ebrahim Bin Hasan Al Hawaj, Minister of Works, conducted an extensive inspection of ongoing projects in the third district of the capital’s governorate.

Accompanying him were esteemed dignitaries, including His Excellency Engineer Shaikh Mishaal bin Mohammed bin Ahmed Al Khalifa, Under Secretary; MP Mamdooh Abbas Al Saleh, Representative of the third district of the Capital governorate; Engineer Saleh Tarada, Chairman of the Capital Municipal Council, and Hassan Abdullah Al Madani, Deputy Governor of the Capital Governorate.

The ministerial visit provided an in-depth understanding of the infrastructure development endeavours encompassing roads and sewerage within the third package of projects dedicated to the enhancement of roads, sewerage networks, and municipalities.

Notable among these projects is the construction of a new service street in Block 426 in Jidhafs on the Budaiya Highway. This service street aims to improve accessibility and connectivity for the residents and businesses in the area, facilitating smoother traffic flow and enhancing overall convenience.

In addition to the service street, the minister emphasised the significance of road paving initiatives in the Seef area. These initiatives encompass the development of Block 428 and the construction of road 3643, which leads to the Karbabad coastline in Block 436.

Moreover, the visit highlighted notable road paving endeavours in the Seef area, underscoring the government’s commitment to infrastructure development. These projects encompass the extensive paving of multiple roads in Block 428, the construction of Road 3643, which serves as a vital route leading to the Karbabad coastline in Block 436.


Road paving

Additionally, progress was showcased in the initial phase of road paving on Road 2813 in Block 428, followed by subsequent phases of paving and development in the same area. Furthermore, various roads in Block 436 within the Seef area will be paved, contributing to the overall improvement of the region’s transportation network.

These projects encompass not only road paving but also road construction, lighting installations, and the installation of ground ducts for future service use. Furthermore, regulatory and warning signs, as well as essential traffic signs ensuring safety, are integral components of the comprehensive development plan.

Minister Al Hawaj affirmed the Ministry’s dedication to executing infrastructure development projects in alignment with its strategic plan. These projects aim to enhance public services, and meet the diverse needs and aspirations of the community. He emphasised the ministry’s commitment to upholding the highest quality standards in completing these projects.

During the visit, MP Al Saleh expressed appreciation for the Minister of Works’ hands-on approach, emphasising the positive impact of field visits in monitoring infrastructure development progress. He praised the ministry’s commitment to professionalism and quality in executing projects across the Kingdom of Bahrain.

Eng. Tarada acknowledged the collaborative efforts between the Ministry of Works and the Capital Secretariat, highlighting their joint commitment to developing infrastructure across the governorate. Al Madani, affirmed the governorate’s continuous efforts in coordination with various governmental bodies to achieve common goals and enhance the quality of life for citizens.