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Man who killed and dumped teen girl in Sanad given life sentence

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A 35-year-old man accused of murdering a teenage girl and dumping the body in Sanad has been spared the death sentence and given life in prison.

In the penultimate hearing, before the verdict was announced, the defendant made a desperate plea to the court, stating that he killed her because she had blackmailed him with photos and videos, demanding money in exchange for those clips.

His lawyer passionately appealed to understand the circumstances surrounding the murder, emphasising the alleged blackmail that influenced the accused’s actions. However, the public attorney strongly urged the court to impose capital punishment.

Throughout the trial, the prosecution built a solid case against the accused, presenting his detailed confession as a central pillar of evidence. Testimony from the investigating officer further confirmed the accused’s involvement in the premeditated murder and other related crimes.

Based on thorough investigations, the forensic doctor’s report aligned perfectly with the accused’s statements. Shockingly, the defendant burst into tears while standing in the dock during the first hearing of the trial, saying, “I killed her because she was blackmailing me with photos and clips, and she was demanding money for those clips.”

He added, “I unintentionally killed her after hitting her on the neck, causing her to faint. She bled from her mouth and nose. Then I strangled her and kept her in my car for a whole day.” The defendant, narrating the details of his crime while crying, mentioned that he placed a piece of iron around the victim’s neck the next day to ensure her death.

He continued, “I headed to the coast of Sanad with the victim’s body and placed it under a tree before leaving the area.” The defendant was arrested after the girl’s decomposed body was found hidden. Police officers launched intensive investigations, which led to the arrest of the defendant.