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Indian Ladies Association’s Diva Contest goes beyond beauty

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Reported by Ashen Tharaka

The Indian Ladies Association (ILA) conducted a mesmerising show, The Diva Contest 2023: Go with the Glow, Beyond Beauty, at Al Fanar Hall, Diplomat Radisson Blu Hotel, Residence & Spa, on Saturday.

Capital Governorate's Director of Information and Follow-up, Yusuf Lori, and MP Basma Mubarak were the guests of honour.

The five finalists from the ILA Diva round walked the ramp, showcasing exquisite jewellery from DEVJI. They were judged on their beauty, poise, confidence, and overall presentation.

Pradnya Subandh was crowned the ILA Diva 2023 winner, while Tarun Sachar was named the ILA Diva runner-up. In the ILA Young Diva/Divo category, Priyamvada Neaha Shaju was crowned the winner, while Ariana Mohanty was named the runner-up.

In the ILA Diva Nurse category, Visakha Kumbhare was crowned the winner, while Surya Sarath was named the runner-up. The most eye-catching moment of the event was when the ILA Sneha Recreation Centre children walked the ramp with their coordinators and volunteers, wearing attire gifted by LuLu.

This was a heartwarming moment that showcased the bond between the children and the ILA Sneha team. House helpers also attended the ILA Diva 2023 to showcase their beauty.

Some of them walked the ramp for the first time, wearing outfits gifted by LuLu and makeup done by Vitality Wellness & SPA.

The special guests attending the evening were Megha Jain from the Indian Embassy, Amina Sherif from KIMS Hospital, Vicky, Manor Sirieh, Fatima from Bahrain Business Women’s Society, Shanavas, Jabran, Tanmayi from LULU (Title Sponsors), Abhishek Devji from DEVJI Jewellers, Rajesh Nambiar from Zenet Electronics, Usha Jagdish Asher from Vitality Wellness & Spa, Mudit Mathur from BBK, Shyam Narayan from Al Hawaj, Naushad from Hafsa, and Latha Unnikrishnan from The Daily Tribune.

The judges of the event were Batool Dadabhai, Anita Menon, Hina Mansoor, and Tanima Chakraborty. The sashes and crowns for the winners were sponsored by ILA member Meena Bhatia.

This year’s Diva Contest was special because it focused on the inner beauty of women, beyond their physical appearance. The theme of the contest was "Go with the Glow, Beyond Beauty," which encouraged the contestants to celebrate their unique talents and abilities.

The ILA Diva Contest is an annual event that aims to recognise and celebrate the achievements of Indian women in Bahrain. It is a platform for women to showcase their talents and confidence and inspire others.


ILA members and judges with the ILA DIVA 2023 winners


ILA Young Diva/Divo 2023 participants