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Sluggish career and salary prospects frustrate young Bahrainis

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Reported by Julia Cassano

Obtaining a college degree and achieving financial independence are important milestones for many people. However, as job and pay growth stalls and the cost of living in Bahrain rises, young citizens, are saying they are frustrated. Scores of Bahrainis have taken to social media to lament the lengthy and gruelling process of achieving a four-digit salary after living on a three-digit salary for years.

As the cost of living rises and wages remain stagnant, many people are forced to accept low-wage positions or relocate overseas in search of better prospects.

According to a Bahraini social media user who imagined heading into a bustling job market and receiving a decent salary for the skills gained post-graduation from university, he was in for a shock since he was practically pushed into a low-skilled, low-paying position because that was the only offer he received.

Many others shared similar experiences, claiming this is a common occurrence in Bahrain, where fresh graduates with specialized degrees are frequently forced to accept lower-paying jobs due to a growing population but a limited labour market.

Netizens also shared their experiences, stating that once hired, it might take years to see a wage boost or career progression. Young Bahrainis highlighted on social media that they were willing to strive and make sacrifices to achieve success, but the issue was the exhausting time it takes to reach suitable career milestones or a pay rise.

Young Bahraini graduates are reportedly concerned because they cannot subsist on the employment or income they receive. Whereas people with sufficient expertise to accomplish the work, are also greeted with uncertain conditions and mediocre remuneration.

Young people should be encouraged and permitted to achieve success, live independently, and learn new skills. However, netizens claim that the present employment market conditions are discouraging.