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Call to donate ‘zakat’ through digital platform Islamiyat App

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Reported by Zahra Ayaz

The Islamiyat App introduced by the Information and eGovernment Authority (IGA) features the “Payment of Zakat and Charities” service, which allows users to pay the amount of zakat, donate to charity projects, and support the Zakat and Charity Fund.

The “Zakat Calculation” service allows users to calculate and pay the amount of zakat, based on the daily gold price to facilitate the calculation of the “nisab” amount for the user, and then choose the project and proceed with the payment directly.

The IGA invites the public to benefit from a variety of services and features through Islamiyat App during the holy month. The application also includes the “annual calendar” feature, which allows the users to navigate through dates by selecting the year, month, and day required to display prayer times for the specified date.

It also provides the Hijri calendar and the “Prayer Times” service according to the Zubarah and Bahrain calendar, which is approved by the Ministry of Justice, Islamic Affairs and Endowments, as an ideal alternative to the traditional calendar.

Another feature enabling users to know the time remaining for prayer is also available on the main page of the application. Ramadan Majlis, Fael Khair (Benefactor), in addition to the usual lists of mosques and Quranic centers, a compass to determine the direction of Qibla, the Haj and Umrah service.

The regulatory authority said that it would continue updating the Islamiyat App as part of the digital transformation strategy, in cooperation with all government agencies, including the Ministry of Justice and Islamic Affairs and Endowments.